Do you get a lot of spam comments or just don’t want to be linking to every website on the internet from your blog comments?

Yeah me either!

So here is what we can do to solve this.

First thing you’ll need to do is open up your FTP or File Manager and navigate to the wp-content folder (which would be something like

Within the wp-content folder, you should see a folder called plugins, and a folder called themes as well as some other folders. Do you see a mu-plugins folder? If not, then you need to create it. If you do then go into this folder (or go into this folder after you create it).

Once you are in the mu-plugins folder (ie… then you need to create a new file. You can name the file whatever you want as long as it ends in .php – however for the sake of this tutorial lets stick with “remove-url-comments-form.php”

After you create that file, then simply copy and paste the code below into the file and save it. Then go check your comments form and I think you’ll be happy to see that there are not any URL fields there any longer.