Author boxes are nice, but the default WordPress way of handling profile images that show up in the author box at the bottom of blog posts when using any WordPress Theme (including the OptimizePress Smart Theme) is to have a Gravatar account, which can be a little more technical to setup than one might desire.

If you are looking for a way NOT to use Gravatar for your profile image then you are not alone. The great thing about WordPress is just about everything can be changed through adding 3rd party plugins.

There are a few plugins that seem to do a good job of allowing the upload of an image for the user avatar. The one I recommend is WP User Avatar, which you can download and/or install directly from the plugins area in your WordPress Dashboard.

There are some other plugins out there that do this as well but this was the most simple one.

After you install the plugin, simply navigate to your “users > your profile” section, and choose a new image under the “Avatar” section that the plugin adds (note that this is usually some ways under “profile image” that is standard, but after uploading an image under “Avatar” section, it will be used by WP as the profile image, which is pretty cool.

Hopefully this helps if you have some sites where you don’t want to go to Gravatar every time you want to change the author box images.